Water Resources

Our team of professional engineers understands the importance of efficient stormwater drainage and brings numerous years of experience in designing effective stormwater systems.


Water is one of the most precious and also one of the most destructive sources on earth. Stormwater management is a vital component of any project we undertake, which includes minimizing erosion from excess surface runoff, mitigating downstream flood damage to property, protecting water supplies, and preventing loss of life.

The EST team helps clients provide effective stormwater management through careful analysis of current drainage issues and knowledge of contemporary drainage methods. Our team of professional engineers understand the importance of efficient stormwater drainage and brings numerous years of experience in designing effective stormwater systems. EST provides solutions that are economical and constructible, always with low maintenance requirements in mind.

Key Services

Stormwater Master Planning

Hydraulic/Hydrologic Modeling

Storm Sewer Network Modeling


Subdivision/Land Development

Detention and BMP Design

FEMA Submittals

Watershed Management

Water Quality Permitting

Storm Sewer/Road Culvert/Open Channel Design

Wetlands/Riparian Habitat Mitigation

Surveying (including LiDAR, Aerial Drone Photography, and Bathymetric)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Capital Improvement Planning

Gabion Wall and Erosion Protection

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