Utility Engineering and Location Services

EST is committed to eliminate utility problems during construction for our clients, for them to feel confident that they will not have any project delays, and to reduce any possible change orders due to utility issues.


Utility coordination requires a careful & accurate survey needed to ensure exact locations and depths of underground utilities. With this being said, we are excited to announce our newest service, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), which utilizes several processes, including surface geophysics and vacuum excavation (also known as hydrovac and/or potholing).


  • Provide precise location and depths of utilities
  • Unnecessary utility relocations are avoided
  • Reduces costly relocations (helps w/estimates)
  • Reduces delays to the project
  • Initial utility condition assessment

EST’s staff of professionals will facilitate and manage close communication with utility companies and our clients to ensure efficient and accurate design, plan development, and safe utility relocations to keep projects on schedule without delays. In-house licensed surveyors and CADD specialists will also provide support to help expedite construction and minimize costs.

Key Services

Marking of underground utilities prior to survey

Review survey drawing for utility confirmation

Help set new proposed R/W to ensure utility relocation outside construction

Programming cost estimates

Schedule and conduct utility meetings and conferences

Coordinate relocation of multiple utilities

Review existing permits and maps

Ability to read and prepare proposed utility relocation plans

Issue work orders and assist with bid documents

Inspections to ensure relocations are accurately placed

Coordinate with utility companies and EST’s Utility, Survey, Geotechnical, & Design Divisions


Utility Engineering Projects

Utility Engineering Project Examples Coming Soon

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