Roadway Design

We’re committed to providing our clients in both urban and rural locations with creative and cost-effective design solutions to complex problems.


Good roads say a great deal about who we are, and their importance cannot be overstated. They are critical to the economy and the quality of our everyday lives. History proves to us that well planned and executed roadway projects promote growth, development, and prosperity for the communities they serve.

EST is committed to providing our clients in both urban and rural locations with creative and cost-effective design solutions to complex problems. Our teams have completed a variety of roadway design projects that include residential, city, county, highway, interchange, interstate, turnpike, and industrial access. At EST, we draw upon our vast knowledge, experience, and multi-disciplinary approach to design the best possible roadways to keep the traveling public safe while getting them where they need to go.

Key Services

Interstate/Turnpike Facilities

Divided/Undivided Highways

Multilane Urban Facilities

City Streets and Intersections

County Roads

Roundabout Design

Urban and Rural Interchanges

Condition Assessments

Pavement Rehabilitation/Overlays

Traffic Calming

Stormwater Design

Feasibility Studies

Environmental Impact

ADA Accessibility and Sidewalk Design

Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Design

Retaining Wall Design

Lighting, Signage, and Pavement Marking

Utility Coordination and Relocation

Construction Traffic Control

Plan Review

Cost Estimating

Community Outreach

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