UAV Drone – Bridge Inspections

  • Client: Oklahoma DOT and Turnpike 
  • Project Type: UAV – Drone Inspections
  • Services: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services, Bridge Inspection Services

About this Project

EST has used UAV / Drone technologies to assist with bridge rehabilitation inspections in the State of Oklahoma for the past 3 years. By utilizing the remotely-operated high-resolution cameras on the aircraft, we can safely and quickly capture images and videos of areas not seen from the ground without closing lanes of traffic and putting crews in harms-way on the arm of a Snooper Truck. Our drone cameras provide optical zooming capabilities, as well as bringing their own lighting to be able to see in darker, underlit places. We capture video in 4K resolution and capture images in 24MP resolution, giving us great perspective and the ability to see small details in an area of interest. Also, we give engineers a better picture of the surrounding area, the bridge approaches and deck and an idea of how traffic is flowing.

We have used UAV/Drone technology to visually inspect the US Hwy 72 Bridge over the Arkansas River, South of Coweta, OK. This bridge has a 2,200-foot span over water and 16 Piers, and we were able to capture all the images and video needed within a relatively small window of time compared to using legacy, older methods. Smaller bridges, like the 2-pier OK Hwy 83 Bridge near Monroe, OK can be completely flown around, under and over with an aircraft in a couple of hours and the media can be within the hands of our bridge engineers the same day for evaluation.

Services provided

  • UAV – Drone
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Survey

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