Jay Hodge Chrysler Dealership – Hugo, OK

  • Client: Jay Hodge Chrysler
  • Project Type: Site Design & Geotechnical


About this Project

EST completed the exploration of the subsurface materials at the project site which consisted of five (5) structural borings located within the proposed building area that were advanced to depths of approximately 14 to 19 feet below the existing ground surface elevation. Additionally, they advanced two (2) shallow borings in the proposed parking area to a depth of 5 feet below the existing ground surface elevation. Evaluation and test results indicated the subsurface materials generally consisted of moderate to high plasticity soils over weathered shale with interbedded sandstone seams bedrock. Based on the subsurface materials encountered, we recommended using shallow footing foundations with slab-on-grade floors to support the proposed structure. As an alternative option, we also provided recommendations for a drilled, cast-in-place, concrete piers foundation system. Construction of an aggregate base layer can be adopted for pavement support.

Services provided

  • Site Design
  • Geotechnical
  • Materials Testing

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