Fish Creek at Cheley Camp Restoration

  • Project Type: Water Resources

About this Project

EST provided a hydraulic and hydrologic understanding of the river as well as an understanding of current and desired geomorphic conditions to determine the most technically feasible and cost-effective resilient restoration alternatives. The floodwaters of the September 2013 storm event so greatly exceeded flow volumes typically carried by the small tributary, that the dominant post-flood condition in Fish Creek is extensive scouring of channel bed and banks. Where beaver ponds and wetlands once existed, the channel became orders of magnitude deeper and wider. Floodwaters also delivered substantial volumes of fine grained sediments to Fish Creek.

Through the design and restoration efforts of EST and the project partners, the quality of the channel, riparian wetlands, floodplains, and surrounding meadows have been greatly improved. Immediately following restoration work, and in some cases while the work was still in progress, the positive impact to the wildlife and environment was seen as fish made their way into the restored areas. Through the use of boulders, modified beaver dam analogues, large wood/log structures, and streambank grading to reestablish the floodplain, the channel has been stabilized and the degradation both in the Cheley Camp reach and downstream has been greatly reduced. The land owners, who was involved throughout the design and restoration process, is very pleased with the result and improvements to their property.

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