Cedar Lane Black Locust Court to 36th Ave.

  • Project Type: Roadway Design Analysis, Geotechnical & Materials Testing

About this Project

EST provided a design analysis on Cedar Lane Road to determine a transportation design that will be cost effective, minimally impact surrounding properties and provide the greatest benefit to the community. A preliminary design analysis was prepared to document the proposed intersection signal operations at 36th Avenue SE and Cedar Lane Road, determine the left turn lane lengths, and establish the design criteria for the roadway widening.

EST provided geotechnical services that included nine borings drilled within the existing pavement to approximately three feet below the existing surface elevation and five structural borings drilled at specified areas where significant cut or fill was expected. The structural borings were drilled to approximately 20 to 30 feet. The project also included field boring logs and laboratory testing of samples to determine modifications needed at the project site.

Services Provided:

  • Preliminary Studies
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Principal Arterial Design
  • Hydraulic Design for Storm Sewer
  • ADA Design
  • Survey Services
  • Geotechnical Studies

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