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Fort Worth / Arlington, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

7931 Valcasi Drive
Arlington, Texas 76001

Fort Worth / Arlington, Texas

7931 Valcasi Drive, Suite 100
Arlington, Texas 76001


(682) 282-6500


(682) 282-6501

Mike Bostic, PE

Fort Worth / Arlington Regional Director

Mike serves as EST’s Fort Worth / Arlington Regional Director overseeing all company affairs and interests in this region of Texas. This includes, but is not limited to: construction management, roadway and bridge design, survey, traffic engineering and materials testing.

Fort Worth / Arlington Staff

Casey Berend, PE, CFM
Project Manager

Javier Garcia, EIT

Josh Golleher
Laboratory Supervisor

Nolan Harvey
Technical Professional


Josh Jones
Lab/Field Technician


Fort Worth Regional Projects

Fort Worth Area Careers

EST News

APWA Golf Tournament

APWA Golf Tournament

Three weeks ago the EST team Jason Okerlund, Dave Knight, and Karl Brauer along with Randy Mourning, Public Works Director from the City of Sheridan, took part and won the 2018 American Public Works Association (APWA) Colorado Chapter Golf Tournament at the Lone Tree...

EST’s Step Challenge

EST’s Step Challenge

The conclusion of the first ever Step Challenge completed by EST’s Denver office This summer, EST’s Denver office got up and started moving. For the past 5 weeks, the Denver office employees, family, and close friends have been participating in a step challenge...

EST Selected for CDOT General Engineering Front Range NPS Contract

EST Selected for CDOT General Engineering Front Range NPS Contract

EST has been selected for the CDOT General Engineering NPS Contract for the $1 million tier. Out of forty submittals, EST was one of twelve overall firms chosen for the contract, one of four in the $1 million tier. The Front Range NPS contract covers regions 1, 2, 4...

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