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Ft Worth / Arlington, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

7931 Valcasi Drive
Arlington, Texas 76001

Fort Worth / Arlington, Texas

7931 Valcasi Drive, Suite 100
Arlington, Texas 76001


(682) 282-6500


(682) 282-6501

Mike Bostic, PE

Fort Worth / Arlington Regional Director

Mike serves as EST’s Fort Worth / Arlington Regional Director overseeing all company affairs and interests in this region of Texas. This includes, but is not limited to: construction management, roadway and bridge design, survey, traffic engineering and materials testing.

Fort Worth / Arlington Staff

Mike Bostic, PE
Project Engineer

Bryan Ogden
Laboratory Supervisor

Jacqueline Broussard
Construction Record Keeper


Robbie Anderson
Construction Manager

Scott Greer
Construction Inspector


Texas Regional Projects

Fort Worth / Arlington Area Careers

EST News

Women In Construction Waymakers

Women In Construction Waymakers

Associated General Contractors – Colorado
EST’s Tamara Dipner was selected by AGC – Colorado as a Waymaker for Women in Construction.

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