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Ft Worth / Arlington, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

7931 Valcasi Drive
Arlington, Texas 76001

Fort Worth / Arlington, Texas

7931 Valcasi Drive, Suite 100
Arlington, Texas 76001


(682) 282-6500


(682) 282-6501

Mike Bostic, PE

Fort Worth / Arlington Regional Director

Mike serves as EST’s Fort Worth / Arlington Regional Director overseeing all company affairs and interests in this region of Texas. This includes, but is not limited to: construction management, roadway and bridge design, survey, traffic engineering and materials testing.

Fort Worth / Arlington Staff

Mike Bostic, PE
Regional Director

Loyl Bussell
Structural Division Director

Bryan Ogden
Laboratory Supervisor

Jacqueline Broussard
Construction Record Keeper


Robbie Anderson
Construction Manager

Scott Greer
Construction Inspector


Texas Regional Projects

Fort Worth / Arlington Area Careers

EST News

Green Lake Bridge Project in Washington County

Green Lake Bridge Project in Washington County

Bridge and Approaches County Road over Green Lake Creek near Vera, OK. EST performed Construction Management and Materials Testing for this project. It included testing for soils, asphalt, concrete and aggregates. This project replaced a single lane truss bridge. It...

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