The conclusion of the first ever Step Challenge completed by EST’s Denver office

This summer, EST’s Denver office got up and started moving. For the past 5 weeks, the Denver office employees, family, and close friends have been participating in a step challenge coordinated by Amy Backel (civil engineer). The goal by the end of the 5 weeks was to have 10 million steps. The goal for those participating, were 12,000 steps per day. Every week, a different activity was planned. Those that could would participate in activities such as walking to lunch, CrossFit, Frisbee golf, soccer, and hiking a 13’er. A daily walk was installed during the challenge, and everyone that could attend, would head out and talked with fellow coworkers about recent projects or what was going on in their personal life.

“The step challenge was a great idea, I felt like I was more aware of tracking the activities I did, and I felt more motivated knowing I was earning steps while doing something,” said Saeed Sobhi, EST’s Transportation Systems Manager.

“The step challenge got me out and exercising, I felt like the 13’er was a great way to end the five weeks and I felt really good that I conquered that, the step challenge gave me a consistent routine which helped me stay in shape and eat healthy,” Dave Knight, EST’s Senior Transportation Designer.

“It added a much needed push to help me get up out of my desk and walk every day, I started taking the stairs twice a day, and I felt like the step challenge helped improve my health and wellbeing,” said Phil O’Brien, EST’s Graphic Designer.

Although they came close, the Denver office did not reach their goal of 10 million steps, hitting 9,479,963. The reward for reaching 10 million steps in five weeks was a trip to see a Rockies baseball game. To reach our goal next time, Amy will seek out low performers early on in the challenge and encourage them more. “Even though we didn’t reach our goal, it was very successful for the first round of the step challenge,” said Amy. She is organizing another step challenge for the months of November and December. “It’s important that everyone stays active during the winter months, especially since we can’t have our daily walks outside with the snow!” said Amy. Different activities will take place, and a higher amount of steps will be required daily. Amy would like everyone to step outside of their comfort zone a little bit more with the Winter Step Challenge, and she hopes that everyone will be more motivated the second time around since the office will have a better idea of what the experience will be like. What a great Experience!