The EST, Inc. Brad L. Martin ’88 Scholarship has been established to provide one or more scholarships to full-time students in good standing pursuing an undergraduate degree from the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University.

The inspiration behind this gift is to honor Brad Martin, EST’s director of operations in Texas. In addition, they aim to assist outstanding civil engineering students at Texas A&M with their education expenses and obtain their civil engineering degrees. 

In 2016, EST, Inc.’s president Mike Vahabzadegan hired Texas A&M civil engineering graduate Brad Martin. “Mike decided to expand his full-service engineering company operations to Texas. He hired Brad to be EST’s director of Texas operations. Brad had recently retired from TxDOT after a 28-year career,” Texas regional director Kelly Selman said. 

Brad was the first employee in Texas, and EST, Inc. wanted to honor him and the other Aggies on staff through this scholarship. “Mike is impressed with the quality of work from the nine Aggie engineers currently working at EST and would like to be a part of developing more,” Selman said.