Environmental Services

We strive to prepare environmental studies that help our clients achieve cost-effective environmental compliance with every project.


Almost every type of land development project or construction activity requires some type of environmental approval. Whether the project impacts land, water, or wildlife, environmental approvals must be obtained. However, evolving regulations and permitting requirements can make the process challenging. It is extremely important to know the potential impact that environmental regulations may have on a specific project ahead of time to mitigate any potential liabilities.

EST offers a broad range of expertise and services to help our commercial, industrial, and public sector clients responsibly manage environmental risk. Our professional and experienced staff includes scientists and engineers well-versed in NEPA and related regulatory requirements. At EST, we strive to prepare environmental studies that help our clients achieve cost-effective environmental compliance with every project.

Key Services

NEPA Studies

NEPA Checklists (Federally and Non-Federally Funded Projects)

Initial Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Limited Environmental Due Diligence Transaction Screens

Asbestos-Containing Material Surveys Lead-Based Paint Surveys

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Metals, Mold, and Radon

Hazardous Material Surveys

Health & Safety Plans

Environmental Audits

Soil and Groundwater Testing

Wetland Analysis and 404 USACE Permitting

Water Quality Testing

Stormwater Management Plans and Permitting

Public Involvement

Threatened and Endangered Species

Historic and Cultural Resources

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