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Construction Management

EST is an industry leader in construction management. Ourclients trust our management team to keep projects on track,on time, and on budget.


Construction projects are complexundertakings that require effectivecoordination of people, materials, andequipment to be completed successfully.Construction management personnelensure the success of constructionprojects by closely inspecting the overallquality, monitoring project progress,providing field engineering solutions toonsite problems, and issuing accurate andtimely documentation and payments.

EST is an industry leader in construction management. Our clients trust our management team to keep projects on track, on time, and on budget. As part of our quality review process, we evaluate design plans early in the project to identify and/or eliminate any issues that may cause delays or changes, which can save our clients time and money. Because inspection is so critical to ensuring compliance with the contract documents, each of our inspectors carry multiple material sampling and testing certifications. Serving as liaison between clients and contractors, our staff facilitates meetings and conferences to enhance communications and workflow to improve overall project delivery.

Key Services

Program Management

Constructability/Shop Drawing Review

Contractor Payment

Daily Work Reporting/Project Documentation

Peer Reviews

Project Management and Scheduling

Value Engineering

Client/Contractor Mediation

Cost Estimating and Scheduling

On-Site Inspection

Field Engineering/Problem Solving

Utility Relocation Verification

Coatings Inspections

Materials Testing


Drone Inspections and Surveys

Contract Administration

Construction Project Auditing

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