Who We Are

Working with numerous clients that include state agencies, city and county governments, private organizations and Native American tribes, EST, Inc. has amassed valuable experience on a variety of projects. From designing roads and bridges to providing surveys, environmental site assessments and construction materials test results, we have broken down the process of providing a variety of engineering services into specialized divisions and are proud to offer our clients the most comprehensive engineering services conveniently available at one firm.

Our firm is an Oklahoma-based, full-service engineering firm, with well-established offices located throughout the region. In all projects our team utilizes local employees who have specific knowledge of the area and can save our clients both time and cost when completing a project.

EST, Inc. approaches every project with enthusiasm, commitment and pride of workmanship. Our staff is dedicated to providing a specialized solution for our clients, one that is catered to their specific needs and wants and one that will be innovative and cost-effective. With the experience and expertise to complete a wide range of engineering services, we are fully invested in the community and dedicated to exceeding all client expectations with the quality of work provided.

What separates our team of professionals from the competition is our ability to not only provide environmental services or roadway design services but to operate as a “one stop shop” for our clients by providing the full spectrum of civil engineering services from a project’s inception with environmental studies to the construction management and materials testing at the project’s completion. We eliminate the need for a middle man and provide our clients with a more simplified, cost-effective process through the completion of a project.

Our clients know they can depend on us to provide outstanding engineering services. Their repeated requests for our services demonstrate that we have earned their respect and confidence. With our combined resources, EST, Inc. is proud to be the single point of contact for virtually any engineering service.

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