Areas Of Service

Traffic Demand Modeling / Forecasting

Traffic Impact Analysis

Parking Studies

Signal Warrant Studies

Corridor Studies

Highway Safety Evaluation

Data Collection / Equipment Inventories

Intersection Design and Channelization

Transit Oriented System Planning and Design

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Traffic Calming

Speed Studies

Cost Estimating

Construction Management

Multimodal Modal Modeling and Analysis

Transportation Planning

Pedestrian and Bicycle Needs

Traffic Simulation / System Analysis

Access Management / Permitting

Signal Synchronization, Timing and Optimization

Signal Design

Freight Movement

Interchange Feasibility Studies

Signing & Striping Plans

Safety Assessment Reports

Construction Traffic Control Plans

Construction Phasing

Traffic Engineering

Our Traffic Engineering Division provides policy development, planning, analysis and design for all types of transportation systems. Comprehensive services include traffic forecasting, simulations, multimodal planning and needs analyses, highway capacity and safety reviews, signal design and optimization and geometric design.

EST professionals have a diverse background working in urban and rural areas and understand the importance of working closely with state and local governments, private land development interests, public and private stakeholders and regulatory authorities. Our highway, traffic, design and planning engineers work collaboratively to deliver innovative, long-term transportation solutions that respond to mobility demands. We are committed to meeting your schedule and staying within planned budgets.


Traffic Engineering Projects

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