“EST's engineers and staff have proven to be responsive and efficient...”

“I appreciate the professional relationship EST has developed with our company...”

“EST is a company that has consistently invested in high quality people and equipment in the industry. If you’ve got an engineering problem and you want a credible solution, go to EST.”

Ron Brown, P.E., Division III Construction Engineer

Oklahoma Department of Transportation


“With the tremendous growth in the City of Mustang and traffic conditions deteriorating quickly, we looked to EST to provide traffic management improvements to our existing signal system. They worked hard to protect the interests of the City by providing the best possible system upgrade within given physical constraints of the corridor and the regulatory environment of using federal funds. I would not hesitate to recommend EST to any agency undertaking similar work.”

Mike Rutledge, Former City Manager

City of Mustang


“I appreciate the professional relationship EST has developed with our company through their construction materials testing division. EST's engineers and staff have proven to be responsive and efficient, consistently providing timely reports for quality control on our projects. We highly recommend them for any project requiring testing services.

Steve Shawn, President

Silver Star Construction Company, Inc.


We are pleased with the efficient, diligent work ethic EST brings to every project. Their engineers and staff are attentive and quick to communicate with our company anytime.”

Charles Schwarz, President

Schwarz Paving Co., Inc.


“We have worked with EST, Inc. technicians and inspectors during construction of several homebuilding projects, and we are pleased with the materials testing services they provide. They play a valuable role in helping Ideal Homes create beautiful, inviting homes and communities for our clients. We recommend them to other companies needing top-notch materials testing and quality control services.”

Todd Booze, President of Construction

Ideal Homes


EST's lab technicians can be counted on for their accuracy and efficiency. Their reports consistently contain abundant, precise information and are returned quickly, allowing projects to continue on schedule. We highly recommend their quality control work to others in our industry.

Jay Lemon, President

Haskell Lemon Construction Company


“I have worked with EST, Inc. lab technicians and instructors, and I am impressed with their skill and work ethic. Their professionalism and knowledge represents the best in the materials testing industry.”

A. Cross, Ph.D., P.E.

Consulting Engineer


“EST, Inc. surveyors have worked with us on several projects, and we are always satisfied with their services. Their team can be counted on for their accuracy and efficiency, and their reports consistently contain precise information. They also work quickly to allow our projects to continue on schedule. We are pleased with EST's surveying capabilities and appreciate the work ethic they bring to every project. We highly recommend their survey services to others in our industry.”

Jim Thomason

Tribal Construction Co.


“Our team of architects at Hnedak Bobo Group has worked with EST, Inc. on a variety of projects, and we continue to be impressed by their professionalism, quality of services and commitment to excellence. During each project we can count on their engineers and field experts for the highest level of design, accuracy, precision and efficiency. Their open communication and quick reporting also help our projects stay on time and within budget. We appreciate the work ethic EST brings to every project, and we hope to partner with them on future projects. They are an excellent company of professionals, and we recommend their engineering services on any project you may have.”

Daniel N. Valle, AlA, Principal

Hnedak Bobo Group


“The City of Duncan has been well-served by the services of EST on a series of major street improvement projects and various bridge replacement projects. EST was selected to perform these services because of their professional manner in carrying out the work and due to the high caliber personnel who perform this work. I highly recommend EST, Inc. to any group desiring a business relationship with a dependable, dedicated team of professionals.”

R. Scott Vaughn, P.E., Public Works Director

The City of Duncan, Oklahoma

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