SH-152, City of Mustang

The City of Mustang, Oklahoma selected EST to inventory, study, analyze and design improvements to seven signalized intersections along a five-mile long corridor on SH-152. The goal was to reduce delays and improve traffic operations. With little room and resources for roadway expansion, EST provided traffic management improvements to the existing signal system. The improvements included upgrading signal controllers and cabinets, installing corridor wide telemetry for controller communications and synchronization, installing video detection, changing traffic operations at selected intersections to protected/permissive left turns and upgrading all signal indications to LED. In addition, EST included new fire preemption units for the traffic at all state highway intersections.

The benefits of these improvements were 32% reduction in corridor delay, 11% increase in average speed, 9% decrease in travel time and a 6% decrease in fuel consumption.  The overall Performance Index for the corridor showed better than a 25% improvement in the PM peak period.  Synchro/SimTraffic was used as the analytical software tool in the analysis of the corridor.


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