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Roadway Design

Our Roadway Division has the capacity and experience to design projects with efficiency and precision. Committed to providing clients with cost-effective design solutions, our design teams’ multiple office locations will enable them to quickly mobilize as our clients and the funding dictates on any particular project. Our team has completed a variety of roadway design projects including but not limited to residential, city, county, highway, interchange, interstate, turnpike and industrial access.

Our roadway design teams will draw upon the knowledge and experience of our entire staff to ensure the constructability of any project including utility relocation and right-of-way. Construction cost and traffic flow issues will be addressed throughout all stages of plan development to ensure the best possible design. This will help expedite the construction of projects and, considering the rising price of construction materials, reduce the overall construction cost while providing the safest traveling corridors to the public.


Roadway Design Projects

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