EST Selected for Construction Management - Gilcrease Expressway in Tulsa, OK

September 2018


The $892 million turnpike initiative allows for Oklahoma to remain in the forefront of national transportation planning and to proactively address the issues of safety, jobs and commerce in Oklahoma.


EST, along with partners from CEC and Freese & Nichols, was selected for Construction Management of the Gilcrease Turnpike between I-44 & US-412 in Tulsa.  The Gilcrease Expressway project represents one of the largest and most challenging construction contracts in the history of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA).  To meet these challenges and to ensure success, EST assembled a Construction Management team comprised of the most talented and experienced transportation professionals in Oklahoma and was selected by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority for this project on August 20, 2018.


The project will begin where the existing Gilcrease Expressway connects to I-44 just south of W. 51st Street South and will extend North approximately 5 miles to Edison Street, just north of US-412. The project will construct a new four-lane highway. The two directions of traffic will be separated by a 48-foot center median with safety cable barrier. Interchange access will be provided at W. 51st Street, W. 41st Street, W. 21st Street, and US-412. The project also includes a 10-foot-wide multi-use trail that will begin at W. 51st Street and connect to the existing Katy Trail on the north side of the Arkansas River. Highway lighting will be provided for the entire length of the project. This new facility will provide expressway access to the west sides of Tulsa and across the Arkansas River and connects commuters from Sand Springs to South Tulsa.

EST Bridge Group On Site Visit to Plum Creek

July 2018

Denver’s bridge group took a trip to visit one of our many, current local projects at Plum Creek! They were on-site to provide QA inspection of the Scott Road Bridge over Cherry Creek BT-42 girders being cast that day. Designed by EST for a land development project in Douglas County, the Scott Rd bridge is currently under construction and EST is providing construction management and inspections. The visit to Plum Creek Structures was an opportunity for our engineers to see the precast process, and hear about precast/pre-stressed challenges and preferences from the expert Plum Creek staff.

APWA Golf Tournament

July 2018

Three weeks ago the EST team Jason Okerlund, Dave Knight, and Karl Brauer along with Randy Mourning, Public Works Director from the City of Sheridan, took part and won the 2018 American Public Works Association (APWA) Colorado Chapter Golf Tournament at the Lone Tree Golf Club. The tournament serves as a fundraiser for the APWA Colorado Chapter supporting their internship and scholarship programs. EST was pleased to take part in the event and support these important programs with both a team and as a Gold Level Hole Sponsor this year.

EST's Step Challenge

July 2018

The conclusion of the first ever Step Challenge completed by EST’s Denver office

This summer, EST’s Denver office got up and started moving. For the past 5 weeks, the Denver office employees, family, and close friends have been participating in a step challenge coordinated by Amy Backel (civil engineer). The goal by the end of the 5 weeks was to have 10 million steps. The goal for those participating, were 12,000 steps per day. Every week, a different activity was planned. Those that could would participate in activities such as walking to lunch, CrossFit, Frisbee golf, soccer, and hiking a 13’er. A daily walk was installed during the challenge, and everyone that could attend, would head out and talked with fellow coworkers about recent projects or what was going on in their personal life.

“The step challenge was a great idea, I felt like I was more aware of tracking the activities I did, and I felt more motivated knowing I was earning steps while doing something,” said Saeed Sobhi, EST’s Transportation Systems Manager.

“The step challenge got me out and exercising, I felt like the 13’er was a great way to end the five weeks and I felt really good that I conquered that, the step challenge gave me a consistent routine which helped me stay in shape and eat healthy,” Dave Knight, EST’s Senior Transportation Designer.

“It added a much needed push to help me get up out of my desk and walk every day, I started taking the stairs twice a day, and I felt like the step challenge helped improve my health and wellbeing,” said Phil O’Brien, EST’s Graphic Designer.

Although they came close, the Denver office did not reach their goal of 10 million steps, hitting 9,479,963. The reward for reaching 10 million steps in five weeks was a trip to see a Rockies baseball game. To reach our goal next time, Amy will seek out low performers early on in the challenge and encourage them more. “Even though we didn’t reach our goal, it was very successful for the first round of the step challenge,” said Amy. She is organizing another step challenge for the months of November and December. “It’s important that everyone stays active during the winter months, especially since we can’t have our daily walks outside with the snow!” said Amy. Different activities will take place, and a higher amount of steps will be required daily. Amy would like everyone to step outside of their comfort zone a little bit more with the Winter Step Challenge, and she hopes that everyone will be more motivated the second time around since the office will have a better idea of what the experience will be like. What a great Experience!

Duncan Bypass Bridge 'G' Won 2017 Pharaoh Award!

December 2017

EST designed all the bridges on the Duncan Bypass project and is to hear this bridge was awarded the Pharaoh Award for the highest quality bridge structure in the state. The award is given to the contractor and construction management team. Read more details below.

EST Opens New Office in Lawton, Oklahoma

November 2017

EST is excited to announce our recent expansion with a new office in Lawton, Oklahoma. It is important for us to be close to the clients we service so we can continue to provide exceptional customer service and fast response to our clients needs. See the article for more information.

EST, Inc. (EST), is proud to announce the addition of Gary Ridley, PE, to its experienced team of project managers and engineers.


Gary spent 48 years of his illustrious career with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA), serving as the Director of ODOT for 12 years, Director of OTA for 4 years and Cabinet Secretary of Transportation for 8. He has extensive experience in planning, designing, and delivering major transportation initiatives and projects in Oklahoma, working extensively with cities, counties, state entities, and private contractors to effectively manage comprehensive projects and handle crisis situations.


During his tenure as director of ODOT, he oversaw the reconstruction of the Arkansas River Bridge on Interstate 40 that was knocked down by a runaway barge that killed 14 people. This $30 million dollar emergency detour and interstate bridge replacement project was completed in 64 days from the time of the accident until the opening of the bridge. As Director of OTA, Gary was able to increase capacity on 14 miles of urban turnpikes. This $130 million dollar initiative added additional lanes in each direction on the turnpikes in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and only took 18 months to complete.


In the fall of 2015, Secretary Ridley along with the Director of OTA, initiated a $900 Million dollar turnpike expansion that would include over 35 miles of reconstruction and increased capacity (additional lanes) of existing turnpikes. The expansion also includes the construction of 29 miles of new urban turnpikes as well as nine new interchanges in the metro area of Oklahoma City. These projects are well underway and are scheduled to be completed in early 2020.


Gary retired from his position as Director of ODOT and OTA in 2013 but continued to serve as Secretary of Transportation until 2017.

Former Secretary of Transportation in Oklahoma, ODOT and OTA Director
Gary Ridley, PE Joins EST Staff

August 2017

EST has been selected for the CDOT General Engineering NPS Contract for the $1 million tier. Out of forty submittals, EST was one of twelve overall firms chosen for the contract, one of four in the $1 million tier.


The Front Range NPS contract covers regions 1, 2, 4 and HQ. Various task orders will be assigned and will encompass general engineering services, bridge/structural design, roadway design, hydrology/hydraulics, landscape architecture, geotechanical services, environmental services, construction services, utility investigation and various other services.

EST Selected for CDOT General Engineering Front Range NPS Contract

August 2017

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