Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Specialist

Posted 06-07-2018

EST, Inc., a full-service, multi-disciplinary transportation engineering firm, is hiring for numerous positions in our rapidly-expanding Denver, CO office. We’re looking for well-known and trusted professionals who value honesty, integrity, respect, a strong work ethic, and superior client service.

Position Description and Responsibilities:
We are looking for an experienced professional, with passion for the application of technology in transportation and traffic operations.  Work will include design and implementation of stand-alone ITS projects, or ITS components as a part of broader transportation projects.  EST’s Denver office is a collaborative environment which encourages and requires work across disciplines, in order to design and deliver comprehensive, high-quality projects.  This position is expected to provide leadership, and be willing to develop and maintain client relationships.

Duties include:

• Prepare Plans, Specifications, and Estimate (PS&E) packages for ITS projects

• Research innovative applications of technology to various fields of transportation, and develop and present solutions to clients.

     o This includes, but is not limited to Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology

• Fiber optic network design

• Perform system engineering analysis and prepare related documentation

     o Prepare concepts of operations

• Develop system requirements

• Prepare system testing and acceptance procedures

• Lead, or perform system acceptance and integration activities

• Develop new specifications and standard plans

• Review of design and analysis performed by others

• Client outreach and customer service

• Prepare presentations

Minimum Qualifications:

Graduation from an accredited university with a bachelor or higher degree in civil engineering, transportation engineering or other related field of study, and 5 years of work experience.  Work history must demonstrate knowledge and experience with the job duties, above.

Preferred Skills:

The exceptional candidate will be a professional engineer who meets the minimum qualifications, and has demonstrated the following capabilities and accomplishments:

• Experience with the technical design of a variety of ITS projects, and preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates (PS&E) packages

• Knowledge of applications of advanced technology in various fields of transportation, as a tool to better operate and manage the transportation system and transportation assets

• Knowledge of connected and automated vehicle technology

• Experience with identifying and engaging project stakeholders

• Understanding and experience with ITS Architecture

• Knowledge and hands on experience with the systems engineering process

• A combination of field and office experience

• Self-motivation and leadership

• Ability to collaborate and bring about consensus

• Excellent technical writing

• History of active participation in professional organizations, and willingness to continue such participation

• Experience participating in public meetings

• Strong inter-personal skills

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