Areas Of Service

Subsurface Exploration and Testing

In-situ Testing and Performance Monitoring

Dynamic Analysis and Evaluation

Groundwater Control

Foundation Analysis and Design

Earth Structures, Slopes and Retention Systems

Soil Stabilization and Ground Improvement

Pavement Design and Subgrade Evaluation

Geotechnical Engineering

The Geotechnical Engineering Division at EST, Inc. provides full-service geotechnical services to a variety of public and private clients. As one of the first services needed to design and properly construct structures and roadways, our team is a necessary complement to our in-house comprehensive services.

Our geotechnical team is complete with Professional Engineers, state-licensed drillers and state-certified laboratory technicians. Also with company-owned drill rigs and full-service testing laboratories across the state, our team can serve a full range of geotechnical and soil testing needs.


Geotechnical Engineering Projects

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