Construction Inspector (VARIOUS Oklahoma Offices)

Posted 05-24-2018

EST, Inc. is seeking a Construction Inspector for our Tulsa, McAlester, Antlers, and Moore, Oklahoma offices and Paris & Melissa, Texas Offices. Successful candidate will provide construction inspection work to insure compliance with plans and specifications.

EST, Inc. works with numerous clients that include state agencies, city and county governments, private organizations and Native American Tribes. EST, Inc. has amassed valuable experience on a variety of projects. From designing roads and bridges to providing surveys, environmental site assessments, construction management, geotechnical services, material testing, traffic studies, and site designs. We have broken down the process of providing a variety of engineering services into specialized divisions and are proud to offer our clients the most comprehensive engineering services conveniently available at one firm.

Responsibilities Include:

The functions  within this  classification  series  will  vary  by level,  but may  include  the following:

1. Inspects the construction of roads, bridges and various other construction and maintenance  projects.    Insures  that  the  projects  are  completed  according  to plans and specifications and enforces contract provisions.

2.  Sets up field books and cross section books.  Measures and calculates quantities of work done for contractor  payment  and final estimates; maintains  records for documentation of all work performed.

3.  Computes  data  for  staking  a  project  and  calculates  pay  quantities;  performs routine   construction   surveying   procedures;   computes   structure   lengths  for staking roadway boxes and pipes; records level notes; computes corrections (fills or cuts) for construction staking procedures.

4.  Operates  and  utilizes  nuclear  density  gauges,  positester,  sling  physicrometer, transit,  level  and  other  tools  and  instruments  for  the  construction  inspection process.

5.  Inspects and insures that materials used on projects meet specifications.

6.  Inspects   placement   of  sub-base;  inspects  construction  of  curb  and  gutters; samples  stockpiles of materials; runs proctor on soils for unit weight/cubic  foot; runs moisture test on soils.

7.  Inspects  placement  of concrete  and plant mix asphalt for roadway,  bridge  and other structures; inspects the removal of forms from concrete structures using specifications  for test results.   Measures  and inspects the curing of concrete for bridge structures and retaining walls.

8.  Inspects  common,  unclassified  and roadway  excavation,  embankment,  borrow pits and removal, storage and placement of topsoil.

9.  Observes  the  weighing  and  blending  of  materials  at  asphalt  plants  to  insure proper proportions  of correct material is used; obtains samples of liquid asphalt from transports at receiving point or from storage tanks.

10.Travels extensively to job sites for construction inspection.

11. Works and interacts with a variety of clients, contractors, property owners,  state and municipal officials, materials contractors, engineers, inspectors, engineering and construction firms.

12. Supervises  and  trains   new  employees   in  the  performance   of  construction inspection procedures.

13. Performs additional duties as required.


Able to prepare reports and documentation

Attention to detail

Ability to work with minimal supervision

Leadership and interpersonal skills

May require the ability to lift and carry materials (up to 75 pounds)

Must have valid driver’s license

Must be able to pass a background check and drug screen


EST offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, life insurance, paid time off, etc.

If this sounds like you, please email your cover letter and resume to


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