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NACE Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspectors with Bridge

Coatings Assessment

Handling and Disposing of Hazardous Waste

Experienced Climbing Inspectors

Progressive Estimates, Time and Diary Reports

Lead Abatement

Coatings Recommendations

SSPC C-3 Hazardous Waste Management

Dive Inspections

Auditing and required ODEQ and FHWA Forms

Coating Inspection

Combining a strong relationship with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and our varied coating inspection experience, our team is uniquely qualified to provide clients with quality coatings inspections. We provide a team of certified and well-trained coating inspectors and offer NACE Coatings Inspectors who have the training, ability and experience to handle hazardous materials removal and disposal. We have Professional Engineers who write all specifications according to AWWA and OSHA rules and regulations.

Our team reviews plans and specifications to prepare a Coating Inspection Plan containing inspection check points, methods of inspection, testing frequencies, acceptance criteria, standard test method references and specification references. Our inspectors review contractors’ work action plans, including waste management and compliance, worker protection and environmental compliance. We also perform quality assurance tests, witness and document results of quality control tests performed by contractors and monitor contractors waste sampling, testing, characterization, labeling, storage and disposal practices.

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