Areas Of Service

Runway, Taxiway and Apron Improvements

Approach Obstruction Surveys, OBS Lighting and Marking

Erosion Control

Airport Fencing/Security

PAPI, GS, AWOS and Rotating Beacon Installations

Airfield Drainage

Heliport Siting and Design

Airfield Pavement Striping, Marking and Signage

Airfield Pavement Edge Lighting

Airport Building Construction


Our Airport Design Division has served numerous cities and towns by helping grow and develop regional, municipal and community airports. We provide detailed designs for airport improvements as well as project administration for FAA and OAC regulations and requirements. We also efficiently prepare and submit official documentation to airport managers and city officials, leaving sufficient time for review and approval before FAA and OAC submittal deadlines. Our continuous involvement with the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program planning process includes:

• Managing early project development packets (including environmental coordination and DBE program plans)

• Updating three-year and five-year CIPs and NPIAS Needs List

• Applying for AIP grants and grant amendment requests (construction and planning)

• Providing regular progress, construction and inspection reports

• Requesting federal reimbursement

• Administering proper close out documentation and procedures

• Managing OAC’s special funding requests (FAA discretionary and state apportionment)

• Maintaining a strong working relationship with FAA Southwest Region and OAC staff

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